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Women in Law Should Not be Invisible: An article written by Sharon Rowen for the ABA for Law Students online magazine.
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The American Association of Law Libraries recently reviewed “Balancing the Scales” movie in the 2018 edition of the Law Library Journal, Balancing the Scales movie was heralded as a must by law professionals.
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Balancing the Scales has been added to the 2018-2019 American Film Showcase.

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In March, Sharon Rowen received an award from the Diversity Law Institute for her groundbreaking work on the film “Balancing the Scales.”


Balancing the Scales was featured at the Gates Foundation event “Driving Diversity in the Legal Profession.” The event was presented by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with R&K Productions.

Sharon Rowen with Michelle C. Ifill, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Verizon Corporate Services Group

Balancing the Scales was featured at the Verizon summit held at the DeLoitte headquarters in Washington D.C., as Michelle C. Ifill, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Verizon Corporate Services Group and filmmaker Sharon Rowen presented a panel discussion on challenges facing women in the legal profession.


Screening at Walmart - August 2017 (left to right) Kerry Kotouc (Senior Vice President, Walmart), Sharon Rowen, Justice Leah Ward Sears (Georgia Supreme Court Ret)


Balancing the Scales Movie Trailer

This film explores the history of women lawyers in the US, why their attempts to break the glass ceiling have failed, and what we can do to change the cultural attitudes which prevent women from balancing power at the top.

Director's Statement


Creating Balancing the Scales combined 35 years of experience as a trial lawyer and 20 years of interviewing women lawyers from all walks of life. Interviewees include a US Supreme Court justice, civil rights activists, the first women who made it to the top, and young associates who do not yet believe that making partner has odds not much better than winning the lottery. My belief in the law as a tool for social change began when I passed the bar in 1979, and my passion for gender equality started shortly thereafter when a judge ruled against me solely because he didn’t believe that women should practice law. I have committed my legal career to social justice and to the belief that we all should use our time to further human rights in whatever ways we can. I hope this film will ignite a national conversation about topics like breaking the glass ceiling, why our society does not think of women as leaders, and the impossible choices men and women are forced to make between their career and their caregiving responsibilities.



On behalf of my daughters, thank you for the work you are doing to open people’s eyes and minds to a long overdue problem that we as a nation should have already fixed…with any luck maybe in the next decade before my daughters enter the workforce this will be possible.
— Joseph E. White III of Saxena White Law Firm

Inspiring and thought-provoking.

Thank you for two wonderful and well received presentations.
— ELIZABETH E. HOFMEISTER, Director of Legal Recruiting and Development Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, Attorneys and Counselors

Balancing the Scales” is more than a timely documentary – it’s a call to action – forcing all to look candidly into the behavioral norms that continue – 25 years and counting – to make the legal industry less hospitable to women than any of us are comfortable admitting. Sharon Rowen’s insightful interviews make it clear that now is the time to have the conversation to change the conversation – focused on the importance of inclusion. A must see.
— Michelle C. Ifill, Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Verizon Corporate Services Group

Balancing the Scales is a powerful film. It is a portrait of the challenges facing women in the legal profession based on interviews Sharon Rowen conducted over the past 24 years. The work of diversity and inclusion is vitally important, it is hard, and it is exciting.
— Rich Wallis, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Azure Legal Team at Microsoft

Why Sharon Made the Film

In this video filmmaker Sharon Rowen shares why “Balancing the Scales” was a labor of love and a call to arms.

What's Next?

Vast Entertainment is excited to be co-producing "An Invisible Truth" with R&K Productions

Vast Entertainment is a dynamic production & development company with the unique focus of fostering book-to-screen adaptations, as well as creating and developing a “vast” array of TV, film and new media entertainment.  The company has relationships and projects with some of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry including Disney, NBC, ABC, Universal, Showtime, CBS Films, Lionsgate, Lifetime and many more.

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Sharon Rowen is a nationally recognized keynote speaker who is dynamic in her approach to bringing clarity to the challenge of gender equality in the legal profession. From Harvard University to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Sharon has delivered the truth about the story of female lawyers in America with humor, transparency, and passion.

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